Photo: Tom Uellner

Sara has been performing music relentlessly in New England and beyond for over 10 years. After overcoming stage fright at open mic’s around Cape Cod, she has worked to write and perform as much as, and in as many places as possible.
Never taking for granted the opportunity to share music with an audience, she says, “You play as hard as you can for one person, as you would 1,000. Every listener deserves your best performance.” Whether she's playing an outdoor festival or The Hard Rock Cafe, Sara strives to do just that. Leketa can be heard performing solo, as a duo, trio, 4 and 5 piece band, and recently took on the part of Brad Whitford in Boston's own; Aerochix.          ( A female tribute to Aerosmith.)

Over the years she has had the opportunity to share the stage with artists such as Lori McKenna; Warner Bros. Records, David Hull; The Joe Perry Project, Aerosmith; James Montgomery Band, Comedian Steve Sweeney on Scorch's FOX 25 show, and most recently Bret Michaels; Poison, BMB.

She believes in holding no restrictions in regards to musical genre and feels its more important in her own music, to be raw instead of polished. “ I’d way rather have my voice crack and get the feeling across, then hit a perfect note and lack emotion. I want the audience to feel WITH me. That’s what music is for me. An understanding.”

Sara's song "Wicked" recently won "2012's Song of The Year" through the Limelight Music Awards.

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The Problematix are:  Jimmie Snider: Bass / Vocals

                                   Jason Stupakevich: Percussion/ Vocals

                                   Lisa Addario: Guitar /Vocals

                                   Sara Leketa: Lead Vocals/Guitar