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Photo: Tom Uellner

"2012 Limelight Magazine Music Awards winner: Song Of The Year "Wicked"

                                                                                                       Limelight Magazine


"...The night started out with guitarist Sara Leketa solo and acoustic. Her performance was a fantastic mix of originals and covers. Before her set was over she invited the rest of the band members up on stage for a preview of what was to come during the rest of the evening..."                                                                                    The Examiner

"Sara Leketa keeps the night rocking, literally, giving her all for the release of her EP, Wicked. This woman is rock ’n’ roll to the core, and whereas Jeff and Seth were a little easy on the ears, she’s obviously determined to push the amps to their limit. As a tribute to her mother, she breaks out the Johnny Cash favorite, “Folsom Prison Blues,” a song I never get tired of hearing, and certainly not when done by Sara. During the set, she takes to the crowd, showing appreciation for the folks that have come out tonight."   

                                                                                                   The Noise, Boston MA

"As one of the only female rockers on the Cape Cod music scene, Sara Leketa has been captivating audiences for over ten years with an infectious blues and rock blend that screams of raw emotion and pure spunk."                               Inside Out Cape Cod

"When Sara takes the stage, everything else in the world fades away and you become swept up in her world of music…. And it really is HER world. We are lucky she lets us all in to visit!"                                                                             Cat Wilson, The Cheap Seats

" exquisite musician who used a lot of guitar-pedal effects and blew the crowd away..."                                                                                  The Boston Globe

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